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Discover Why FlexHD Pliable Is One of the Most Requested ADMs on the Market Today

We recognize you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing surgical grafts for your patients.
But it’s important to know that not all ADMs are the same.

Created in conjunction with plastic surgeons like you, FlexHD Pliable ADMs are cut from a deeper layer of dermis, for improved handling and clinical efficacy.1

We believe that providing high-quality tissue forms that are also safe is an achievable balance. Our rigorous screening process leads the industry and includes a 50-point checklist that goes above and beyond the requirements of the FDA and the tissue banking industry.2

We never use terminal sterilization, which can alter inherent tissue properties.3 Instead, FlexHD Pliable grafts are aseptically processed to be sterile per USP<71>4, achieving the highest sterility assurance level of SAL 10-6 through chemical sterilization.5

Since its introduction in 2012, FlexHD Pliable has been used in more than 100,000 plastic and reconstructive procedures with ZERO incidence of viral or bacterial disease transmission.6

To learn more about FlexHD graft properties, processing, and sterility,
click on the links below or contact our Medical Information Team.

Celebrating a
Decade of Quality

Since FlexHD Pliable was introduced in 2012, over 100,000 grafts have been implanted in patients during plastic and reconstructive procedures.

Fast Facts

FlexHD Pliable grafts are the only reticular cut ADMs on the market today — and offered in the largest variety of shapes and sizes.

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Intuitive Design for Ease of Use and Improved Clinical Efficacy

Features and benefits:

  • Axis cutouts guide placement
  • Concentric fenestrations allow graft expansion
  • Fold-under cuff provides superior reinforcement

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A Cut Above

Discover the advantages of FlexHD Pliable PRE.

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Reshaping the Standards of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Features and benefits:

  • Additional height to achieve sufficient arc length
  • Better anatomic fit to ensure full apposition between the ADM and overlying skin, minimizing the risk of fluid accumulation
  • Asymmetric wing for more lateral coverage

Engineered to MAXimize Your Plastic & Reconstructive Outcomes

Features and benefits:

  • Unique design allows improved expansion and surface area
  • Helps minimize OR time and office visits

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A Deeper Cut Makes All the Difference

FlexHD® Pliable ADMs are cut from the deeper reticular layer of dermis where the collagen structure is more open and porous—resulting in grafts with unique features that offer benefits to surgeons and patient.¹

Features and benefits:

  • Exceptional handling and elasticity
  • Faster cell adhesion and incorporation
  • Consistent thickness–no sidedness
  • Process validated to SAL 10-6 ²

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To learn more about the FlexHD Pliable portfolio of codes, download our brochure.

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100,000 safe, quality, innovative grafts

Distributed worldwide,

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One of the most requested ADMs in the US today4

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Only reticular cut ADM5

Lower modulus of elasticity for enhanced pliability and drapability vs ADMs cut from the papillary dermis

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ZERO viral or bacterial disease transmission on any dermal allograft, ever.

This includes not only FlexHD Pliable but MTF's other currently and previously available ADM brands

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Only non-terminally sterilized human dermal mesh available

Sterile per USP <71> without gamma irradiation

Validated sterilization method achieves SAL 10-6 while preserving collagen matrix and protein 6

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Only HADM with endotoxin testing as an acceptance criteria

Reported rate of sterile inflammation dropped dramatically since implemented in 2018

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Level 1 RCT clinical evidence domonstrates safety and efficacy

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<2% donor acceptance rate

Recovery criteria more stringent than FDA and Industry standards

MTF Biologics never accepts donors with a history of metastatic disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, or melanoma, among other malignancies

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Largest portfolio of graft shapes and sizes

Grafts designed by surgeons, for surgeons

54 item codes, 21 sizes, 4 shapes, 2 thicknesses, 1 name to remember for all your plastic & reconstructive surgery needs

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Provided by MTF Biologics

A leading non-profit foundation with 35 years of tissue banking experience

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Founded By Surgeons To Serve Surgeons

MTF Biologics entered the plastic & reconstructive surgery field because of surgeons like you. We built our reputation in other markets, such as Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, before extending into plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics. We listened—learning about the challenges you most commonly face. Since then, we’ve developed ADMs, nose-reshaping grafts, soft tissue filling solutions and more—all designed with you and your patients in mind.

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