New solutions happen here first because here, we make research a priority. Along with listening to you and embracing innovations, we get what we both want—better patient outcomes.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Allografts that Set Industry Standards

MTF Biologics entered the breast reconstruction field because of surgeons like you. We had already established a reputation as an allograft innovator. Extending it into the Plastic Surgery arena, we listened—learning what common acellular dermal matrix (ADM) challenges you were dealing with. Since then, we’ve helped to develop breast reconstruction ADMs, nose reshaping grafts, soft tissue filling solutions and more—all designed to generate better surgical experiences and patient outcomes.


A Deeper Cut of the Dermis Makes All the Difference

MTF Biologics breast reconstruction ADMs are the product of a deeper cut in the dermal tissue—procured from a cut below the dense collagen structure in the papillary dermis—which results in better handling and faster cell incorporation for enhanced healing.

Head-to-Toe Solutions

  • The FlexHD® Pliable family of breast reconstruction ADMs include perforated, fenestrated and the largest sizes available
  • The FlexHD® Structural family of abdominal wall repair ADMs, include diamond shapes, to better match your reconstructive needs
  • BellaDerm® is a natural ADM for breast augmentation revision and other cosmetic procedures
  • Profile® is a pre-shaped costal cartilage allograft for rhinoplasty procedures
  • Renuva® is an allograft adipose matrix designed to treat small-volume, soft tissue defects in a 10-minute office visit

FlexHD® Pliable
The Most Innovative ADM on the Market

Created exclusively for breast reconstruction in partnership with plastic surgeons nationwide, it’s the ADM you asked for:

  • Elastic, pliable and conformable
  • Exceptional handling
  • Faster cell adhesion and incorporation
  • Consistent thickness—no sidedness
  • Process validated to SAL 10-6

Restore Your Natural Beauty

Renuva is an off-the-shelf allograft adipose matrix engineered to treat small-volume aesthetic irregularities, the kind that detract from smooth contours and flawless skin, without the need for liposuction.

Renuva has numerous applications:

  • Liposuction divots
  • Cellulite dimples
  • Minor cosmetic irregularities

Ordering Information

Contact MTF Customer Service at (800) 433-6576

For international enquiries, please contact +1 (732) 661-0202

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