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Industry-leading Allografts, Designed for Your Success

MTF Biologics offers a full portfolio of allograft solutions for plastic and reconstructive surgical applications. We challenge the limits of allograft innovation every day, harnessing the power of science to drive better outcomes. Whether the procedure in question is soft-tissue reinforcement, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, or nonsurgical volume restoration, you can be assured that our products set the standard for quality, safety, and integrity.

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A Deeper Cut Makes All the Difference

FlexHD® Pliable ADMs are cut from the deeper reticular layer of dermis where the collagen structure is more open and porous—resulting in better handling, easier placement, and faster cell incorporation.1

Created in partnership with plastic surgeons nationwide, FlexHD® Pliable ADMs offer:

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Restore Your Patients’ Natural Beauty

Renuva® is an off-the-shelf alternative to autologous fat transfer. It is used to restore volume in the face, hands, and body in a short, in-office procedure.

Processed to preserve the collagens, proteins, and growth factors found in adipose tissue, the resulting matrix serves as a framework to support the cellular repopulation and vascularization at the site of injection.

Renuva® offers the following benefits:

  • Off-the-shelf injectable matrix
  • Ideal for small-volume, soft tissue defects in the face, breasts, and body
  • Suitable for craniofacial and other reconstructive procedures, and the treatment of liposuction irregularities and cellulite dimples

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Strength Without Bulk

Thin, strong, and conformable scaffold that is ideal for procedures like suture line reinforcement and muscle flap reinforcement.

Meso BioMatrix® is processed to preserve natural extracellular matrix components including collagens, proteins, and growth factors.

Meso BioMatrix® offers the following benefits:

  • Suturable with exceptional strength¹
  • Exceptional handling and contour control
  • Supports host cell integration and revascularization²

¹Bench Test results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance. Testing performed by DSM Biomedical. Data on file at DSM Biomedical.

²The effect of these components on the performance of Meso BioMatrix Mesh has not been clinically evaluated.

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Streamline Your Fat Grafting Procedures

LipoGrafter® is a medical device used for harvesting and grafting autologous fat. It is the only surgical solution designed to facilitate not only fat harvesting but re-injection as well. The device provides a start-to-finish closed system, minimizing both the risk of contamination and damage to fat cells.

Benefits include:

  • Controlled suction
  • Minimal processing of grafts
  • Controlled volume re-injection
  • Minimal contamination risk
  • Minimal tissue trauma and graft exposure time

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The Straightforward Solution for Revision Rhinoplasty

Profile™ costal cartilage sheets are an off-the-shelf source of cartilage that eliminates the need for autologous rib harvest.

Suitable for both reconstructive (post-trauma or Mohs procedure for basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the nose), and cosmetic procedures, Profile™ Sheet grafts are cut to a 2mm thickness for ease of use, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting the beauty of your work.

Profile™ is the natural solution for rhinoplasty:

  • The only pre-cut costal cartilage allograft
  • Biocompatible (less likely to cause complications than synthetic implants)
  • A safe, convenient alternative to autologous cartilage harvesting

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Founded by Surgeons to Serve Surgeons

MTF Biologics entered the aesthetic field because of surgeons like you. We built our reputation in other markets, such as Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, before extending into the surgery arena. We listened—learning about the challenges you most commonly face. Since then, we’ve developed ADMs, nose-reshaping grafts, soft tissue filling solutions and more—all designed with you and your patients in mind.

If you are a U.S. healthcare professional and need more information, please complete our Healthcare Professional Form.

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