Together with you, MTF Biologics has placed more than 8.6 million allografts, delivering on the promise of the highest quality tissue and outcomes for your patients.

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The Highest Standards from Tissue Selection through Processing

From start to finish, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. MTF Biologics maintains the most stringent donor screening process of any tissue bank – exceeding the industry standards all tissue banks must follow. But our commitment to quality doesn’t end there.

MTF Biologics believes in minimal processing to maintain the biomechanical integrity and biochemistry of every graft. Our unique aseptic processing method ensures optimal tissue quality, by minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and terminal radiation.


Tissue You Can Trust

In conjunction with our distribution partners, OrthoFix, Depuy Synthes, and ConMed, MTF Biologics offers one of the largest portfolios of orthopedic and sports medicine tissues, ranging from bone void fillers like Trinity ELITE® a viable cell allograft to our clinically tested and proven tendons for ACLR’s.

Our notable orthopedic tissue solutions include:

  • Broad Range of Bone Void Fillers - Trinity Elite®, Trinity Evolution, DBX and Chips
  • Structural Allograft Spinal Spacers - Largest portfolio for ACDF's, ALIF's, TLIF's, PLIF's and Lateral Procedural grafts
  • Allograft Tendons - Large portfolio of soft tissue, bone-tendon-bone and pre-shaped grafts for the treatment of sports medicine injuries
  • Amniotic Tissues - Anti-adhesion barrier

Trinity ELITE®
Allograft with Viable Cells with FiberLock™ Technology

A True Autograft Substitute:
Contains the three essential components for bone formation

  • Osteoconductive scaffold is provided by the cancellous bone component that serves as a natural trabecular bone matrix. It provides a porous, interconnected scaffold for bone ingrowth.
  • Osteoinductive signals are derived from the demineralized cortical bone component, which has been shown to possess active, essential growth factors.
  • Osteogenic cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), osteoprogenitor cells (OPCs), and bone forming cells are native to the cancellous matrix.

FiberLock Technology:

  • Acts as a scaffold to provide bone-to-bone contact for graft containment
  • Withstand blood flow once implanted and resists washing away
  • Interlocking fibers deliver versatile moldability and exceptional handling with no carrier added

Matching the Right Graft to the Right Patient

Size appropriate and procedure specific grafts are crucial to what you do. And it’s important to us, too. That’s why MTF Biologics offers matching for our large grafts, meniscal, and fresh osteochondral allografts, with the goal of providing the best anatomically matched allograft tissue for your patients. This service saves you valuable surgical time, by reducing extensive modifications during transplantation. Once we achieve a match, we discuss all information and data with you for final acceptance.

  • Prompt, same-day service for most requests
  • One-on-one consultation with a graft matching specialist is available
  • High-resolution digital images of matched allografts provided for your review

Contact MTF Biologics at 800-433-6576 (1-732-661-0202) or by email at GraftMatching@mtf.org.


Sports Medicine Allografts

Tissue processing matters and data shows choosing the right allografts can improve patient outcomes

  • Tendons processed aseptically maintain tissues natural biomechanical and biochemical composition
  • Wide variety of sizes tailored towards surgeons needs and reduce OR time
  • Supported by a compendium of clinical studies*

Featured Clinical Resources

Our clinical research drives our continuous improvement. Several peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that our commitment to aseptic processing – avoiding the use of terminal irradiation – results in reduced failure rates and greater cellular activity and incorporation compared to tissues treated with harsh processing methods.

Ordering Information

Contact MTF Customer Service at (800) 433-6576

For international enquiries, please contact +1 (732) 661-0202 

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* Maletis, Gregory, et al. “Increased Risk of Revision after ACLR with Soft Tissue Allograft Compared to Hamstring Autograft.” ISAKOS. 6 June 2015. ePoster #1219. 1 Data on File, TR14-464-12/1/14. Individual pictured is not a surgical patient. Results may vary.