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Understanding Allografts: what they are and the role they’ll play in your procedure

You have a surgery coming up.

Your doctor will be using an allograft in your procedure. What is an allograft? An allograft is a bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon, section of skin or placental tissue that is transplanted from one person to another. It is also referred to as "donated tissue".

Every year in the United States, doctors use more than a million allografts to help...

  • Athletic individuals who need knee reconstruction
  • People suffering from back pain
  • Cancer patients who need tumor surgery
  • People suffering from chronic wounds

These are just a few examples. Surgeons have used allografts successfully—in all kinds of procedures—for decades. Allografts have improved millions of people’s lives. Your doctor thinks an allograft is a good choice for you, too.

Where do allografts come from?

Allografts come from deceased and living donors—people who make the selfless decision to donate the gift of life and healing. Many times, just one donor’s gift can help more than 75 people.

Donating tissue is a wonderful thing for someone to do. But it’s also important for you to know that not every donor's tissues are accepted. The bones, cartilage, tendons, placentas, skin, and ligaments they donate need to be healthy. So, every donor is carefully screened by medical professionals. If the donor’s tissue is suitable, it is cleaned, processed, and tested for sterility before it is sent to your doctor. We've set strict donor acceptance criteria that exceed industry standards—ensuring safety, quality, and better outcomes. For full details, download our Ideal Donor Brochure.

Can my doctor use my own tissue for my surgery?

Yes, but many doctors prefer to use donated tissue (allografts). When a doctor uses your own tissue (called an autograft), it has to come from another part of your body, which usually means a second surgical site and possibly more pain and recovery time.

Allografts are available, safe, and ready to use. There’s no need for a second surgery, so your recovery and healing will be easier. 

Your allograft will come from MTF Biologics, a global nonprofit organization that is highly respected in the medical community. Your doctor chose MTF Biologics because of our strong reputation, groundbreaking research, and high-quality tissue grafts.

Are allografts safe?

Yes. Since 1987, MTF Biologics has provided over 9 million allografts from more than 137,000 donors. MTF Biologics has an exceptional safety record because we are directed by surgeons from world-renowned hospitals, universities, and medical institutions. These surgeons set MTF Biologics’ high standards and oversee which donors are accepted.

Want to know more?

If you have more questions about allografts, ask your doctor or call 1.800.433.6576.

Linking Lives®

MTF Biologics is committed to honoring the donated gift by sharing the stories and facilitating the connections between those who have been healed and those who have generously donated their tissue.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Write to your Donor or Donor's Family
  2. Sign Up to Volunteer with a Local Recovery Organization
  3. Share Your Story


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