Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing quality tissue through a commitment to excellence in education, research, recovery and care for recipients, donors and their families.

Become an Organ and Tissue Donor

Over 120,000 people need organ transplants and there are hundreds of thousands who would benefit from tissue transplants. Thousands of people die each year before a transplant can be located and many more face long waiting times or less than ideal alternatives for lack of a tissue transplant. Increasing the number of donors will help end needless suffering and will save lives. You can help. MTF Biologics encourages you to learn the facts about donation, to make a personal choice and to discuss it with your family.

Donation FAQs

Who donates bone and tissue allografts?
Is there a difference between tissue and organ donation?
What tissues can be donated?
How are the tissues removed and what about funeral arrangements?
Where are these tissues used?
Is there a cost to donate tissue?
Can organs and corneas be taken along with the tissue?
Can anyone be a tissue donor?
How does MTF Biologics receive donated tissue?
If you’re a non-profit, what do you do with the money made from the tissue?
Are there any objections to donation based on religious belief?

Visit and learn how your gift of tissue can give bring new life to patients and their families. Although there have been advances in medical technology, the demand for tissue donation still vastly exceeds the number of donors. Your tissue donation can help heal up to 75 people.

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Understanding Allografts

An allograft is a bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon or section of skin (also called “tissue”) that is transplanted from one person to another. Allografts come from people like you who chose to donate their tissue after they die. Every year in the United States, surgeons use more than one million allografts to help…

  • Athletes who need knee reconstruction
  • Women undergoing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
  • People with hard-to-heal wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers
  • Others who have surgery or significant injuries that require tissue or bone to heal.

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Family Stories
See inspiring stories about people whose lives have been saved or changed thanks to tissue donation.

Kevin Morsching
Kevin Blanchard
Irene Atencio
Jason Ray
Kenneth Williams