Birth tissue donation
heals lives.

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The Birth Tissue Donation Program

Birth tissue includes the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid. These tissues helped to nourish your baby while you were pregnant and are normally discarded after birth. With your permission, following your C-section delivery, it can be used to help others. Your decision to share this gift with others does not affect the birth or medical care of you or your baby. There is no cost to you to donate and your participation in the program is voluntary.


How does my birth tissue help others?

After you give your consent and the medical criteria is met, your gift brings hope and healing to patients who have a variety of medical needs. Tissue grafts derived from your birth tissue are used primarily as a covering to treat wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and burn injuries. This natural covering helps native tissue restoration and remodeling. Its flexible properties allow it to conform to the wound site. Birth tissue provides a protective and physical barrier when applied to wounds. Birth tissue has further been instrumental in providing future benefits by advancing medical research and finding new treatments for medical conditions.


How can I participate in the Birth Tissue Donation Program?

It’s simple. Just say YES to birth tissue donation. Your child’s birth will not be affected in any way.

  • Call MTF Biologics at 1-888-877-3871 to see if birth tissue donation is an option at your hospital. If you are giving birth at a participating hospital, then a coordinator will speak to you to answer any questions and schedule a convenient time to complete donation documents.
  • Tell your physician and hospital that you are donating your birth tissue.
  • We will ask for your consent on a recorded line. A series of questions will be reviewed regarding your medical and social history. The interview will take 20-25 minutes.
  • After delivery, your birth tissue will be respectfully tested, treated and processed under strict guidelines in accordance with accepted medical and ethical standards.

"The opportunity to donate made this already special day more meaningful"

Although scheduled for a C-Section, Samantha was excited about the upcoming birth of her daughter Sephora. When the hospital told her she had the opportunity to donate her placenta after delivery, she jumped on the opportunity. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Samantha worked as a nurse for 10 years in the ICU and saw firsthand the benefit of organ and tissue donation.

“I always loved hearing the amazing stories of how donation had changed the life of someone” said Samantha, “And I honestly never knew I could donate my placenta and help someone who was really suffering from wounds that wouldn’t heal or burns.”

“The placenta donation team explained everything, and it was so easy, I knew I wanted to make this a part of my birth experience. I love knowing that I have helped others and that’s what made me want to donate again, when my son was born.”

Samantha hopes others will want to participate in placenta donation and take part in contributing in such a beautiful way.