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Recovery Partners & Services

The U.S. has a well-organized system of recovery organizations to meet the needs of potential donor families in every hospital in the nation. The Federal Government requires every hospital to participate in the tissue donation process through the Medicare Hospitals Conditions of Participation. These recovery agencies serve as the vital link between the donor and recipient and are responsible for the identification of donors, the retrieval, preservation and transportation of organs and tissue. As a resource to the community, recovery agencies also engage in public education on the critical need for donors. MTF Biologics provides fully integrated and customized tissue recovery services to its recovery partners, which allow them to better serve the needs of hospitals in their service areas. If you are a donor family, you may be able to get additional information from your local recovery organization.


MTF Biologics Recovery Partner Portal & Web Reports

Access key resources from MTF Biologics, including:

  • Technical manual
  • Quality references and other regulatory functions
  • Training materials
  • Educational webinars
  • Tissue Transplant Stories & Videos
  • Specific technical reports
  • Special grafts requests
  • Access DORA Web Reports - Reports on donor screening, quality & donor release information, dermal and bioburden results

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For more information about the Recovery Partner Portal, please contact your MTF Representative.


MTF Biologics YouTube Channel

Learn more about us and see inspiring stories about the lives that have been transformed because of our work and donor generosity. Please watch and share these inspiring stories.

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Changing Lives Video Library

Inspiring and motivational stories of tissue transplantation are posted on the MTF Changing Lives Video Library where you can view and download them. They are ideal for public and professional education as well as sharing on social media sites. Please watch and share these inspiring stories.

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Public Education Literature

MTF Biologics provides complimentary public education literature and materials to promote tissue donation. Preview our offerings and contact to order.

Transplantation Overview

Understanding Allografts

Documents & Resources

Medical Examiner/Coroner Fact Sheet

A new resource for you. It's a short reference on vital facts about tissue donation to assist medicolegal professionals.

Death Investigation Fact Sheet for the Tissue Professional

A pocket reference intended to help donation professionals establish a foundation of knowledge about the world of death investigation and forensics.

MECC Position Statement on the Timely Acquisition of Autopsy Findings After Tissue/Organ Donation


N.A.M.E. Forensic Autopsy Performance Standards

MTF Biologics Autopsy Release Form

If you are from a tissue bank or OPO and have made repeated, documented attempts to obtain an autopsy report from a medical examiner and have been refused, here is a one page MTF Biologics document that your organization can submit to us after completion by the pathologist.

National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME)

The MTF Medical Examiner/Coroner Advisory Committee supports the position of the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) regarding the procurement of tissues and organs for transplantation. This position is that tissue/organ donation can be accomplished in virtually all cases without detriment to evidence collection, postmortem examination, determination of cause and manner of death, or the conduction of criminal or civil legal proceedings.
Please note that this position paper is the property of NAME and is posted here with permission.
N.A.M.E. Position Paper on the Medical Examiner Release of Organs and Tissues for Transplantation
N.A.M.E. Homepage

For additional Information about forensic medicine, pathology and medicolegal death investigation

American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI)

College of American Pathologists

The College of American Pathologists has published its position on donation, which can be found here.

Basic Death Investigation Training Course

The University of North Dakota offers an online Basic Death Investigation Training course. The course is being offered, free of charge, to tissue banking professionals affiliated with MTF Biologics and this committee until approximately September 2015. Click here to learn more.

The Forensic Medical Investigation Institute (FMII)

Offers a comprehensive, current and fast-track forensic training course and skills workshop to gain forensic knowledge and improve working relationships with medical examiners, coroners and death investigators. Check this link often for the latest workshop dates.

Detective Murphy

Offers an opportunity for those interested to practice your investigation skills by reviewing evidence, interviews and case details. New cases posted regularly.

WebMD Primer on Post Mortem Changes