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Remembering Our Donor Heroes

The miracle of transplantation begins with a gift - the gift of organ, tissue, and eye donation. Our Tribute Wall honors the donor heroes who make transplantation possible. Donor families and supporters can honor a donor by sharing an online tribute of their loved one.

Dedication to Jayne Miller and Maggie Coolican

Donors and their families are at the heart of everything we do at MTF Biologics. Without their selfless gifts, we would be unable to carry out our mission of saving and healing lives. Jayne Miller and Maggie Coolican, two former MTF employees, were the driving forces behind our donor family program – their single-minded focus on insuring that ALL donor families receive compassionate care and recognition resulted in changes to donor family care throughout the country. Their children, Nicholas Miller and Katie Coolican, helped start something so much larger than their tiny selves could ever have imagined. We are proud to dedicate this Donor Tribute Wall to Nicholas and his loving parents Tom and Jayne, and Katie and her loving parents Don and Maggie.

Maggie Coolican & Jayne Miller

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Tribute Wall

Each hero's story is unique. Just like the forget-me-not flowers, their memories will be planted in our hearts forever. We remember them.


Stanley Pietrowicz
Ashley Hurley
John Boswell
Bonnie Martin-McCoy
Nicholas Miller
Dennis Vazquez
Katie Coolican
Amalya Conkel
Charles Kapral
Joe D'Addio
John F. Straniero
Joey Savage
Akintunde Oladele
David D'Agostino
Brian Bettinger
Jeffrey J. Pomykala
Jonathan Baksh
Michael Budzinski
Isaiah Toole
Michael Wrenn
Edward Schaad
Matthew Lee Pettegrew

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