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Profile® Costal Cartilage Allograft

MTF Biologics' line of costal cartilage grafts are primarily used for revision rhinoplasty procedures, both reconstructive (post-trauma or Mohs procedure for basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the nose), and cosmetic, to provide an improved aesthetic appearance. Grafts are available in both segment and thinner, pre-cut sheet (Profile®) forms. Segment grafts provide more cartilage, and require more intra-operative manipulation, while the thinner, pre-cut thickness of Profile sheets require little preparation to be fashioned into columellar struts, spreader grafts and other commonly used rhinoplasty grafts. Profile and costal cartilage segments are also used by pediatric plastic surgeons to treat cleft nasal deformities and microtia.

Features & Benefits

Profile is the only costal cartilage allograft available in pre-cut thicknesses. MTF Biologics’ costal cartilage grafts provide an off –the- shelf alternative to autologous costal cartilage harvest, which creates a secondary surgery site and comorbidities, such as pain, scarring, as well as possible chest wall deformity and pneumothorax. Because its derived from human tissue, it is biocompatible and less likely to cause infection or extrude than synthetic implants.  

Tissue Code Product Specifications
450030 Costal Cartilage Segment, L > 3 cm x 10-30mm: Frozen
450040 Costal Cartilage Segment, L > 1.5 cm x 10-30mm: Frozen
258223 Profile® Costal Cartilage Allograft Sheet, Sm, L< 3.0cm, 2 ea: Frozen
258224 Profile® Costal Cartilage Allograft Sheet, Med, L= 3.5-4.0 cm: Frozen
258225 Profile® Costal Cartilage Allograft Sheet, Lrg, L= 4.1-5.0 cm: Frozen

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