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A Higher Standard for Aesthetic Solutions

At MTF Biologics, we believe in the unique power of aesthetics to improve lives and looks.

We know that confidence comes from within, and when we look better, we feel more confident. We support the aesthetic community with a broad range of solutions designed to help patients improve the way they look ... from head to toe.

Our tissues are minimally processed, without the use of harsh chemicals or terminal radiation. The result? Off-the-shelf solutions that provide better aesthetic outcomes.

Restore Your Patients’ Natural Beauty

The only off-the-shelf allograft solution for volume restoration

  • Ideal for small-volume, soft tissue deficits in the face, breasts, and body
  • Processed to preserve the collagens and proteins inherent to adipose tissue
  • Suitable for aesthetic procedures and volume deficits

The Straightforward Solution for Rhinoplasty

The only pre-cut costal cartilage allograft

  • Cut to a 2mm thickness for ease of use
  • Available in 14 sizes and 2 configurations
  • Suitable for both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures
  • Biocompatible; less likely to cause infection or extrusion than synthetic implants
  • A safe, convenient alternative to autologous cartilage harvesting
  • The only non-terminally sterilized costal cartilage allograft
  • Multiple published studies demonstrating safety and efficacy equivalent to or better than autograft1

The Results Speak
for Themselves

A step forward for primary, revision, reconstructive, and pediatric cleft rhinoplasty


Streamline Your Fat Grafting Procedures

The all-in-one surgical solution for autologous fat harvesting AND re-injection

  • Optimizes cell viability
  • Enables controlled volume re-injection
  • Eliminates the need for multiple syringe transfers
  • Minimizes graft trauma during harvest and processing
  • Prevents exposure to ambient air and potential contaminants

Strength Without Bulk

A surgical mesh with exceptional handling and strength

  • Sourced from porcine peritoneum
  • Thin, natural matrix allows contour control
  • Processed to preserve natural proteins and growth factors
  • Supports host cell integration and revascularization*
  • Ideal for procedures like suture line reinforcement and muscle flap reinforcement

*The effect of these components on the performance of Meso BioMatrix Mesh has not been clinically evaluated

Founded By Surgeons To Serve Surgeons

MTF Biologics entered the plastic & reconstructive surgery field because of surgeons like you. We built our reputation in other markets, such as Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, before extending into plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics. We listened—learning about the challenges you most commonly face. Since then, we’ve developed ADMs, nose-reshaping grafts, and more—all designed with you and your patients in mind.

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