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MTF Biologics Adds Meso BioMatrix® Surgical Mesh to Expanding Line of Innovations for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Edison, N.J. (February 28, 2018) – MTF Biologics is adding a new innovation to its growing line of offerings for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons: Meso BioMatrix® Surgical Mesh. The strong, thin, non-human alternative tissue form for cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery offers surgeons a new option for patients requiring soft tissue repair and/or reinforcement such as suture line reinforcement and muscle flap reinforcement.

“MTF Biologics works with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to ensure that we are meeting their unique needs and the needs of their patients,” said Tom Shaffer, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at MTF Biologics. “We are delighted to add Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh to the innovative tissues we provide. The clinicians with whom we work have been asking for a thinner, contourable, non-human tissue alternative that maintains its strength. Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh, which can be used in a range of procedures, is an ideal solution.”

Measuring only 0.3mm in thickness, Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh is an acellular porcine peritoneal biologic matrix designed to support soft tissue during cosmetic or soft tissue reconstruction procedures. The safe and natural scaffold allows for contour control, is easily suturable, and has exceptional strength. It supports cell integration and revascularization, and is available in a variety of clinically-relevant sizes ranging from 2x4 cm to 10x20 cm.

Meso Biomatrix Surgical Mesh is manufactured by DSM Biomedical and processed through the patented OPTRIX™ process, which removes potentially antigenic cells while preserving the natural extracellular matrix components such as proteins, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and growth factors.

MTF Biologics will feature Meso Biomatrix Surgical Mesh at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Aesthetica Super Symposium in Las Vegas March 1-3, 2018, as well as the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting in Dallas February 28 - March 3, 2018.