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MTF Biologics Joins Lineup at American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine 2018 Annual Meeting

World’s largest tissue bank to unveil new cartilage allograft and showcase portfolio of innovations for sports medicine

Edison, N.J. (July 5, 2018) – MTF Biologics, the world’s largest tissue bank, is joining this year’s lineup at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting (AOSSM), July 5-8, 2018, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego with its commercial partner ConMed. 

In collaboration with ConMed, MTF Biologics will be highlighting the following innovations:

  • Clinically proven aseptically processed tendons: MTF Biologics offers a range of allograft tendons that are processed to preserve their natural properties.This results in superior clinical performance, as supported by multiple independent peer-reviewed studies.
  • The Missouri Osteochondral Preservation System (MOPSSM): A unique preservation system that advances the field of osteochondral allografts and doubles the storage life of allografts used for joint repairs based on clinical research data to date. Developed by a research team at the University of Missouri and available exclusively with tissue processed by MTF Biologics, two-year clinical data shows MOPSSM allografts maintain higher viable chondrocyte density for twice as long as standard of care (SOC) allografts. They may also demonstrate a lower initial revision rate than non-MOPS SOC allografts according to current research.

MTF Biologics and ConMed also will preview CartiMax™ Viable Cartilage Allograft Matrix for treating cartilage lesions in the knee, foot and ankle, and other articulating joints. CartiMax™ combines the clinical benefits of live, viable cartilage cells with putty-like handling properties designed to easily fill defects of any shape or size.

MTF Biologics, known for its high-quality tissue grafts, uses a unique aseptic processing method in all of its tissues to ensure optimal tissue quality, by minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and terminal radiation. This process maintains the tissue’s natural biomechanical properties and biochemical composition.

To learn more, visit the ConMed / MTF Biologics booth #414/416 at AOSSM.

About MTF Biologics

MTF Biologics, also known as the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, is a nonprofit organization based in Edison, N.J. It is a consortium comprised of leading organ procurement organizations, tissue recovery organizations and academic medical institutions, and governed by a board of surgeons who are leading experts in tissue transplantation. As the world’s largest tissue bank, MTF Biologics saves and heals lives by honoring donated gifts, serving patients and advancing science. Since its inception in 1987, the organization has received tissue from more than 125,000 donors and distributed more than 8 million grafts for transplantation. Through its IIAM subsidiary, it has placed more than 55,000 non-transplantable organs for research. Through its Statline subsidiary, it has managed more than 10 million donor referrals. For more information, visit

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