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SomaGen® Meshed, Allograft Dermal Matrix

SomaGen® Meshed is an acellular human reticular dermal allograft with a unique meshed design that provides a scaffold to support the treatment of a variety of complex wounds.

SomaGen Meshed, and its biocompatible design, provides immediate wound coverage without the need for autologous skin grafting, lowering costs & saving time—all without compromising patient outcomes.

Order No. Specifications Area Without Expansion Predicted Expanded Dimensions (W x L)* Predicted Expanded Area* UPC Code
WC2068 SomaGen Meshed: 6cm (W) x 8cm (L)  48 sq. cm 8cm x 9cm 72 sq. cm 840045715275
WC2812 SomaGen Meshed: 8cm (W) x 12cm (L) 96 sq. cm 10.5cm x 13.5cm 142 sq. cm 840045715282
WC2115 SomaGen Meshed: 10cm (W) x 15cm (L) 150 sq. cm 13cm x 17cm 221 sq. cm 840045717378
WC2325 SomaGen Meshed: 13cm (W) x 25cm (L) 325 sq. cm 17cm x 28cm 476 sq. cm 840045717385

* MTF Biologics data on file. Dimensions are based on MTF Biologics R&D data on file and may slightly differ due to natural graft-to-graft variability.

HCPCS Description Hospital Outpatient
 SI*  APC  Payment  Payment  MPFS
 C1762 Connective tissue, human (includes fascia lata)   N N/A  Packaged Packaged  N/A 
 J3590 Unclassified Biologics N/A  Packaged  Packaged  N/A 
 Q4100 Skin substitute, not otherwise specified  N/A  Packaged  Packaged  N/A 

Features & Benefits

SomaGen Meshed supports treatment for large and complex wounds. The lattice-based slit design allows the graft to conform and expand based on the wound size and topography.

  • Compatible with other common advanced wound modalities
  • Large slits ensure wound fluid egress while allowing the patient's own cells to rebuild tissue
  • Meshed pattern allows the graft to stretch significantly from its original size, providing flexibility and conformity to the needs of the wound

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