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Prime HD™

Prime HD™ possesses excellent handling properties and verified osteoinductive (OI) potential. It is comprised of a proprietary formulation of elongated demineralized bone particles that are prehydrated in a preservative solution.

Prime HD™ is supported by science and provides the biologic performance you have come to expect from MTF Biologics.

Tissue Code Product Specifications
421005 0.5cc Prime HD™
421010 1.0cc Prime HD™
421025 2.5cc Prime HD™
421050 5.0cc Prime HD™
421100 10cc Prime HD™

Tissue Represented by Kolosis BIO.

Features & Benefits

Prime HD™ retains the necessary growth factors for bone repair
Prime HD™ is aseptically processed, without exposure to harsh chemical agents or terminal irradiation, which preserves the natural biologic activity and endogenous growth factors that are critical to facilitating the bone healing process. Each lot of Prime DBM HD™ is tested to confirm osteoinductive potential.

Key properties of Prime HD™
• Resists irrigation and has excellent handling properties allowing the graft to be formed into any shape and conform to any defect geometry
• Aseptically processed to better preserve endogenous, osteoinductive growth factors
• Osteoinductive potential is confirmed for each donor lot
• Unlike other DBMs, Prime HD™ can be combined with biological fluids to enhance the overall biological properties of the graft
• Available in a convenient, ready-to-use syringe

Prime HD™ is available off the shelf in five sizes:
0.5cc, 1.0cc, 2.5cc, 5.0cc, and 10cc syringes with a two-year shelf life.

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