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fiberFUSE Demineralized Bone Matrix

Tissue represented by Orthofix. 

fiberFUSE™ Demineralized Bone Matrix is an allograft comprised of a mixture of cancellous bone and demineralized cortical bone. This combination creates a natural scaffold for revascularization, cellular ingrowth, and new bone formation1.

Features & Benefits

Easy Preparation:
  • Rapid rehydration
  • Readily wicks with rehydration solution (saline, blood, and bone marrow aspirate)
  • Ready to use in under two minutes
Excellent Handling
  • 100% bone, no carrier added
  • Cohesive, moldable, packable
  • Versatile delivery
Graft Expansion
  • Volume increases when hydrated
  • Conforms to anatomy at the surgical site
  • Resists irrigation for graft containment
Cancellous Matrix:
  • Osteoconductive porous scaffold allows ingrowth of host vasculature, osteoblasts and MSCs1
  • Large trabecular surface area encourages revascularization and incorporation at the recipient site1
  • Osteogenesis occurs under the influence of local cytokines and growth factors2
Cortical Fibers:
  • Osteoinductivity stimulates healing as the endogenous growth factors recruit cells from the host bed into the graft site
  • High surface area of the elongated fibers creates a cell-friendly collagen framework for cell attachment and proliferation1
  • The self-entanglement of the fibers results in a putty-like handling
Verified Osteoinductivity:
Osteoinductivity of demineralized bone matrices can vary depending on tissue processing methods.3,4,5 fiberFUSE DBM is aseptically processed, retaining natural growth factor activity in cortical bone. MTF Biologics' processing methods limit exposure of harsh chemicals and avoids terminal sterilization, which is known to have a negative impact to endogenous growth factors and biologic activity.The demineralized cortical fibers in fiberFUSE DBM are consistently osteoinductive when assessed in an in vivo osteoinductivity model.5

Size Description Order Number
1cc fiberFUSE Demineralized Bone Matrix 420601
2.5cc fiberFUSE Demineralized Bone Matrix 420602
5cc fiberFUSE Demineralized Bone Matrix 420605
10cc fiberFUSE Demineralized Bone Matrix 420610

Research & Articles

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