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CartiMax® Viable Cartilage Allograft

What's CartiMax?

CartiMax is a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf viable cartilage allograft that can fill cartilage defects up to a 5cm2 lesion.

This advanced graft is versatile and conformable, to fill spaces without the need for surgeons to use templates or anchors.

Features & Benefits

How is CartiMax better than other cartilage treatment options?

CartiMax combines the clinical benefits of live, viable cartilage cells with optimal putty-like handling properties that are designed to easily fill defects of different shapes and sizes—flexibility and versatility that other allograft products just don't have.

What does this mean for patients?

This advanced cartilage treatment is readily available which allows patients to get the treatment they need in a timely manner without having to go on a waiting list. It also eliminates two-stage procedures which helps patients get back to their daily activities faster.

What does this mean for surgeons?

CartiMax offers surgeons these advantages:

Viable Chondrocytes — Provides functioning, viable chondrocytes and an extracellular matrix that contains the necessary building blocks for cartilage repair such as type II collagen, proteoglycans, and endogenous growth factors.

Extended Shelf Life — Demonstrates stable viability up to 24 months post-cryopreservation.

High Volume of Material Provides enough materials to fill a 5cm2  lesion, while other products may require multiple packages to treat the same volume.

Fewer Steps — Requires fewer steps and saves valuable time over comparable products, which may require measuring, using a foil template, shaping, trimming, and suturing.

Tissue CodeProduct Specifications
401205CartiMax Viable Cartilage Allograft; 1 unit
401210CartiMax FA for Foot and Ankle

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