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Cancellous Chips

Features & Benefits

Allograft cancellous chips fill bony voids or gaps in a patient’s skeletal system. Cancellous chips provide a scaffold for bone ingrowth to allow for remodeling with the patient’s own bone. Various grind sizes and volumes available. 

Tissue Code Product Specifications
400140 Cancellous Chips: 5cc (1.7-10mm): Freeze-Dried
400145 Cancellous Chips: 15cc (1.7-10mm): Freeze-Dried
400150 Cancellous Chips: 30cc (1.7-10mm): Freeze-Dried
400155 Cancellous Chips: 60cc (1.7-10mm): Freeze-Dried
400160 Cancellous Chips: 90cc (1.7-10mm): Freeze-Dried
450756 Cancellous Chips: 15cc (1.7-10mm): Frozen
450753 Cancellous Chips: 30cc (1.7-10mm): Frozen

Crushed Cancellous+ Chips
Tissue Code Product Specifications
400075 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 15cc (0.1-4mm): Freeze-Dried
400080 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 30cc (0.1-4mm): Freeze-Dried
400085 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 60cc (0.1-4mm): Freeze-Dried
400090 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 90cc (0.1-4mm): Freeze-Dried
450757 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 15cc (0.1-4mm): Frozen
450758 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 30cc (0.1-4mm): Frozen
450754 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 60cc (0.1-4mm): Frozen
450762 Crushed Cancellous+ Chips: 90cc (0.1-4mm): Frozen

Demineralized Cancellous Chips
Demineralized Cancellous Chips serve as a bone void filler in many surgical applications. Demineralized Cancellous Chips are processed aseptically through MTF's proprietary ATP process, which is designed to preserve protein activity.
Tissue Code Product Specifications
420036* Demineralized Cancellous Chips: 5cc (1.7-7mm): Freeze-Dried
420035 Demineralized Cancellous Chips: 15cc (1.7-7mm): Freeze-Dried
420037 Demineralized Cancellous Chips: 30cc (1.7-7mm): Freeze-Dried
*Tissue represented by ConMed Linvatec

Milled Cancellous Chips
Tissue Code Product Specifications
400105* Milled Cancellous Chips, 5cc: Freeze-Dried
*Tissue represented by ConMed Linvatec

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