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Plastic Surger: The Meeting

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Plastic Surgery The Meeting
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MTF Biologics—the largest tissue bank in the world—is dedicated to evolving patient care by driving healing through science. Grounded in research and guided by surgeons, our plastic and reconstructive solutions have set industry standards in breast reconstruction, craniofacial surgery, and breast, body, and facial cosmetic procedures. We are committed to preserving the integrity of tissue to ensure better outcomes. Even though our broad portfolio of surgical solutions continues to grow, our goal remains the same—to save and heal lives.

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Don't miss our lunch symposium at Plastic Surgery The Meeting featuring board-certified plastic surgeon, Aldona Spiegel, MD.

The Evolution of ADM Design for Pre-pectoral Breast Reconstruction
Saturday, September 29, 2018  |  12:15 to 1:15 PM  |  Room 470B

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Aldona Spiegel

Introducing FlexHD Pliable PRE

A new dimension in pre-pectoral breast reconstruction.

An ADM designed specifically for pre-pectoral breast reconstruction.

A two-dimensional pattern that becomes a three-dimensional shape. Fenestrated to conform, designed to support. Made of a deeper cut for faster integration. Featuring landmarks to promote aesthetic symmetry. Efficient and intuitive. For results your patients want most.

As the leading tissue bank in the world, we’re confident in our safety and quality. And you can be too. Contact your MTF Biologics Sales Representativefor more information.

FlexHD® Pliable

A deeper cut for better outcomes

Created by surgeons for surgeons, FlexHD® Pliable is the first of its kind, grounded in the principles of tissue engineering. We go deeper into the dermal layer—procured from a cut below the dense collagen structure in the papillary dermis—to give you a tissue form with the features you demand and the healing properties patients want.

  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fenestrated patterns to meet your needs
  • Better handling properties including improved tissue elasticity and performance
  • Faster cell incorporation and no sidedness due to a more open architecture
  • Proven safe and effective with low complication rates
  • Consistent thickness throughout

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